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Hello, my name ist Diego Semmler.
I am from the beautiful town Laubach in the middle of Germany and 31 years old. After my PhD study in physics at technical university of Darmstadt I currently work as consultant. My greatest hobbies are politics, programming and the creation of websites. I am glad, that you visit my homepage and which you much fun during surfing.

Dr. Diego Semmler
Lastest news:
  • 11.05.2018:
    Mit Platz 4 auf der Landesliste werde ich sicher in den Landtag einziehen, falls die FREIE WÄHLER im Herbst die 5%-Hürde schaffen. Zeitungsartikel lesen
  • 10.02.2018:
    I started operation of a new online app: Interest Calculator calculates the amount of cash with constant deposits and a constant, steady interest.
  • 05.11.2017:
    Example reports of nuclear lab are available online now.
  • 22.10.2017:
    From now there is an online version of Lottery Calculator and Inclined Launch. There is no need to download these programs anymore. I also extended the features in the online version and increased the usability. Of course the download version is still available.
  • 24.09.2017: